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Market Applications

Providing a range of flexible, co-extruded films from 5 to 18 layers offering excellent thermoforming properties in combination with high puncture resistance. The barrier properties range from breathable to high barrier levels, even if the packed products need to be pasteurised or sterilised. The films are available with polyethylene or polypropylene sealing layers and thicknesses ranges from 100 µm up to 280 µm.

Performance Benefits


  • Pasteurisable high barrier films
  • Up to 18 layers for excellent puncture resistance
  • Barrier properties adjustable to product needs
  • Peelable options available
  • Downgauging potential
  • Various colours available (standard blue, yellow, brown)
  • Recyclable options under development


  • Pasteurised ready-made meals inclusing those containing meat (sous vide)
  • Wraps, pitta bread
  • Mozzarella block cheese (hot fill)
  • Pasteurized potatoes (e.g. 10kg food service bags and consumer bags)
  • Prebaked bread rolls and baguettes (including herbed butter)


  • Germany